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Creating a new legacy of motherhood and self care

Over the last two decades Carmen Pierre Canel has been a community builder in her work as an educator, leader, and leadership coach. She loves learning new things and making authentic connections with others. As a former educator and Middle School Principal in Boston, MA she touched the lives of more than 2,000 students and their families.

Carmen relocated to Providence, Rhode Island when she married Jean Elie in 2018 and transitioned from her role as a Middle School Principal when she became a mom to Claire during the height of the global pandemic in 2021.

Long before becoming a mom she watched her own amazing mother always put her needs before her own. Growing up Carmen knew that there was so much more for her mom to discover and explore about herself that she never allowed herself to seek or find. Upon reflection Carmen realized that her mom was only doing what she had seen her mother and grandmother do.  Carmen vowed to build a new legacy of motherhood that centered self-care and self discovery.   

Experiencing pregnancy, birth and motherhood during the pandemic required a different intentionality in self preservation. Thus the birth of Mommy’s Day Out to create a community of moms to support each other in finding balanced self-care and joy in their lives.

Carmen Pierre Canel

Founder and CEO

Our Mission

The Mommy’s Day Out gives moms the opportunity to lovingly show up for themselves with hassle-free fun self-care activities, allowing them to return refreshed and fully whole for their families and loved ones.

Image by Kelsey Chance
Spa Day

Our Vision

We envision a world where moms, and society at large, no longer categorize self-care as a selfish luxury where only a few have access. Instead, we see moms engaging in self-care as a means of mental, physical, emotional and psychological healthcare that will encourage self- and family-preservation.  We champion self-care as an opportunity to thrive as a person as well as a mother.

Check us out in the Boston Globe!

Carmen Pierre Canel recently founded Mommy’s Day Out — curated experiences for new and experienced parents, without their kids.

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